Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super easy and Super Awesome Side-dessert

Tonight is one of my dishes that I'm most proud of. I know most of you reading this are big fans of my many desserts and confections, but as far as I'm concerned, Stove Top is a dessert. To make Stove Top stuffing, you'll need:

1 box Stove Top Stuffing (chicken, pork, or cornbread flavor is ok)
1 1/2 cup water
4 Tbs margarine or other butter substitute (if you're watching the cals and you hate happiness, you can cut it back 3 1/2 Tbs.

To start you need to put the water in a pot on the stove. Place the water in the pot. Turn the stove on as high as it will go and then wait until the water boils. (If you're unfamiliar with water boiling or are boiling at high altitudes, I'd recommend clicking here.) Make sure there are no floaties such as pieces of cornflakes, oatmeal, or other things left over from being right-side up in the dishwasher. If you do see something, try to get it out with your fingers before the water gets hot.

HOT TIP: All though the recipe doesn't mention it, the pros know to boil their water extra long. I like to let my pot of boiling water simmer until the steam just starts t0 turn opaque to really let the flavor soak in.

Next, stir in the margarine until melted. Make sure you use fresh margarine. If your margarine is even slightly rancid or has been sitting on the dashboard of your car while parked in the sun for more an hour, I would recommend trying to substitute it with something else...butter is ok if there are no other alternatives, but don't complain to me about lack of flavor.

After that, open the bag of stuffing. Make sure you don't eat all the dry bread crumbs before you put them in the pot...I know how good they are.

Now take your pan off the heat and cover with a snug fitting lid. Now comes the hard part...waiting! I like to go sit with a blow dryer set on medium-high while I wait being careful not to let it get too hot.

After about 5 min, you can remove the lid from the pan and fluff the stuffing with a fork. Then enjoy! Just make sure you have someone to share it with or you'll eat the whole thing by yourself!


  1. yeah right, Matt. Although very funny. I am picturing you shoveling your face full of stuffing with a guilty look on it when you get caught. sick.

  2. "Make sure you use fresh margarine. If your margarine is even slightly rancid" Yeah, make sure you don't use that butter Grandma gave you from 1975 that sat in her cellar for 30 years until she decided that maybe she didn't need it anymore so you could go ahead and have it.

    Use that Margarine for your toast. It will be fine on toast.